FAQ: Telco, General

Q Will a global telepresence service (like the OVCC) fit the Internet+ Model?

Yes, the Internet+ model was actually developed for that type of service, meeting such business, quality and security requirements.

It surpasses all requirements, allows for a quicker launch, and presents much more flexible billing methods.

Q Does Internet+ access need to be introduced all at once, both the new capabilities and to all users?

No, not at all. One can start with subscriber by subscriber and with ordinary Internet accesses. Those subscribers get global UC connectivity and POTS connectivity directly. Thereafter, usage-based billing can be introduced and later the access to higher quality pipes can come.

For telcos with triple play networks it is even easier. They can directly offer Internet+ connectivity between all their triple play subscribers.

Q Can telcos field test within a smaller group? 


Q Can we set up a test network today already? 

Yes! Contact Intertex or Ingate!

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