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Q First tell me: Is my new fine smart phone faulty or has the vendor lied to me about the battery time? It ran out of battery in half a day instead of the promised week!

Did you use it a lot?

No, I didn’t even talk in it - Only had IM and presence on for a few friends who use GoogleTalk.

That is one of the problems an Internet+ access will address!

Today’s mobile operators don’t give you Internet access where you can be reached when needed! The real-time services that need to reach your smartphone (e.g. incoming calls, IM or presence) therefore send frequent keep-alive packets to make the telco firewall keep a door open so you can be reached. Those keep-alive packets stop your smartphone from entering battery-save mode when not used. That drains your battery.

Q What? Can I get another mobile subscription that doesn’t fool me like that? They said I would get all features and functions with my new smartphone :(

A few mobile providers give you a clean public IP address, but most mobile providers don’t offer that, in spite of Internet access and promises.

Incoming signals to your phone come over a Phone Channel that are kept for the Plain Old Telephony Service (POTS) (the actual Phone in your smart phone).

Q Can I get the IM and presence there then?

Sorry – that’s only for the old voice. They have built the POTS service into the network itself, so you won’t get the new ways of communication on the “phone channel”...

Q Until I get 4G – That is all IP I’ve heard…

Sorry again… They just built VoLTE on top of IP –  a special “phone cannel” only getting POTS again.

Q But that is 100 years old and its sounds worse than AM radio. What is happening? Internet has given us so much – They said SIP and then IMS would give us all possible things!?

Wait, Internet+ will correct it all – It is easy to implement - Soon…

Q Can I use both GoogleTalk and SkypeTalk then?

Wouldn’t you rather use a global IM and presence service using the standardized protocol SIP, so everyone can reach everyone else?

Q You mean I won’t have three or so different soft clients running then? But, what about those that already use Skype or GoogleTalk?

Hopefully proprietary services, not following the standard, will have gateways into a global standard (like they do with voice/telephony) so everyone reaches each other. Or they can simply use the standard and we can join the islands.

It would really be great if people did not have to call me on my phone to ask me to start my Skype client and such things! Give me that!

Q But the sound of GoogleTalk and Skype on my smartphone makes these applications unusable, even though those often are better on my stationary PC. Will that be fixed?

Internet+ will release the real capacity over the Internet SIP channel!

Q … really? More than 3.5 or 7 kHz? I still can hear 15 kHz!

Yes! With Internet+ you can also get video conferencing with telepresence quality. It is not restricted and built into the network anymore. It simply becomes better and can develop with the ever increasing power and capacity!

Q Wow - And the same on my fixed and mobile devices? 

Of course! – It is the cloud now again. Internet+ is just the Internet improved for real-time communication. You should get it all everywhere – the benefit of the cloud!

Q And can I forward my communication to my other phones and even Skype and other clients? 

Yes, that should be a function you access in your SIP server, which can be in the TOQrouter. An example from the Intertex IX78:

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