FAQ: Business User

Q Can I participate in my company’s telepresence conferences using my smartphone? It would mean a lot to me if I can reduce my travelling and instead use the fine screens and cameras in my smartphone and laptop.

Yes, Internet+ will make that happen! The 100-year old Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) can finally be bypassed.

Q Will it be easier to federate so I can communicate with other companies in the same way?

Federate? No need for that with Internet+ and following standards! Everyone can of course reach everyone else – using all SIP based applications.

Q And can I be connected to our office PBX?  Will that mobility solution with its server and special arrangement still work?

No such solution is needed with Internet+! Just follow standards – SIP is transported everywhere. A SIP phone then connects to the SIP PBX from everywhere and with full functionality. Internet+ automatically gives full mobility using SIP.

Q How will SIP Trunking of an IP-PBX be done when having an Internet+ access?

A lot easier! NAT/firewall traversal, connectivity and security are already resolved. If the ITSP SIP Trunk follows a standard (e.g. SIP Connect 1.1), a PBX following the same directly becomes connected. Otherwise, an E-SBC can do the normalization part between the ITSP Trunk and the PBX – an easier job than today. Probably, such SIP normalization function will be included in a good TOQrouter. (It is important that such a normalization function  - especially if a SIP B2BUA or gateway is used – is only between the ITSP and the IP-PBX and does not interfere with the TOQrouter’s general SIP Proxy interface.)

Q How will connecting to a SIP-based cloud service like the Microsoft Office 365 Exchange UM be done having an Internet+ access?

A lot easier! NAT/Firewall traversal connectivity and security is already resolved and available. A Microsoft issued certificate will be installed in the TOQrouter for trusted communication with the Microsoft cloud. Any further adaptation required towards the local PBX, will thereafter be the same as today. Such adaptation functions may be an option of the TOQrouter.

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