The Internet+ Model

Intertex and Ingate presented the Internet+ model at ITEXPO in Miami 1-3 February 2012. There were several sessions and a BoF (Birds of a Feather) meeting at Ingate's 3 day SIP Trunk-UC Seminar at ITEXPO.

Internet+ is an extended Internet access allowing high quality SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based real-time person-to-person communication, everywhere and for any application. It applies to both fixed and mobile networks. Until now, only the plain old telephony service (POTS) has been delivered globally over IP, while better services with high definition voice, video conferencing, instant messaging (IM) and presence, have emerged in islands like Skype, GoogleTalk or in the enterprise UC-PBX. However, these islands lack global connectivity, sometimes have inferior quality and can only use telephone numbers if connected to the POTS via gateways.


With Internet+, all SIP usage reaches everywhere, just like HTTP in your browser reaches all Web sites, wherever you are. Until now, the network and customer’s firewalls have interfered with the SIP delivery, at best only offering old telephony, POTSoIP. Internet+ can eventually replace the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Today’s SIP trunking also becomes much easier with an Internet+ access. 


The service provider’s infra structure becomes less costly and more reliable, through the elimination of massive softswitches and SBCs. These are not required since a quality global transport IP network is used, simply the Internet where quality bits are honored. The service provider can also charge for these better services, as flat rate, amount-based or by session (per call based).


The TOQrouter (Trust, Openness, Quality) is managed and controlled by the ITSP and delivers the high-quality SIP connectivity directly to a user’s private domain, the LAN or a mobile smartphone. A LAN customer can chose to take the data and ordinary Internet delivery directly from the TOQrouter or via his existing firewall or router.

The TOQrouter used in Internet+ includes a SIP proxy and registrar that routes the calls and messages directly between the communicating parties. It classifies SIP traffic and assures quality and priority for real-time traffic, it has functions for firewall/NAT traversal, and it has a meter that allows the ISTP to charge in various ways and offer attractive price plans.

The TOQrouter also includes a secure firewall and it uses encrypted mutual TLS for all outside SIP communication. For the enterprise, media encryption can also be added. The TOQrouter authenticates SIP users as well. Optionally, the TOQ router can also include telephony ports, functions for SIP trunking of enterprise PBXs and a PBX in itself.

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It was crowded at Ingate's 3 day SIP Trunk-UC Seminar when Internet+ was presented February 1st, 2012.

Intertex and Ingate presenting the Internet+ model at ITEXPO in Miami 1-3 February 2012.